Resource leak in 2xx nvidia drivers

Hi muhkuh. I have same problem in visualization system that we developing. This continues the last half of the year. My colleagues and I have done many tests, but not so many we know.

I can state the following facts:

  1. problem occurs in Vista/Win7 x86/x64
  2. occurs in all WHQL drivers
  3. occurs when almost all memory will be “cached” by OS
  4. even test program with little memory consumption has same behavior

It’s strange that when you run the test program, the first few copies are run without problems, and take the same amount of system memory (for example 22 MB), beginning with some start program takes more memory (32 MB), and this means that the next copy will take up more system memory (37-40 MB) and will work very slowly.

All this looks like NVIDIA driver and new Windows memory manager that takes all free system memory for caching program modules not friendly with each other.

Have you some progress with this problem?

I have sent a bug report to NVidia but didn’t receive a reply yet.

I seem to be having no problems with this since moving to 7x64 and upgrading to 4Gb of DDR3.

We had a very reproducible test case for this issue and we worked with NVIDIA engineers to resolve it. It is fixed in the 270.51 beta driver that was released this week.

I still got problems with the 270.61 WHQL driver on my Geforce GTX 590.
I have also tried the older 270.51 beta but it has the same problem.
Every OpenGL application stutters like crazy and one of my applications (Eyeon Fusion) crashes when I quit the program with this message: “Error in nvoglv64.DLL at 0x7eccf4”.
Any idea what I can do to fix it?

I had the same issue and just fixed it. solution Go here

I still have the very same issues with newer drivers. Sporadic FBO errors for no obvious reason that can be cured only by a reboot.

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