Removing llvmpipe

I recently installed Fedora16 on our servers and some of our software has stopped working properly with what looks like random graphics being displayed in the window.

The software developer has looked at it and has said the most likely reason is the use of the Galium llvmpipe accelerator which is not supported. How do I change to use the old software rasterizer? i.e. I want glxinfo to revert to:

GL_RENDERER = Software Rasterizer

The server does very basic graphics. Hardware acceleration is completely overkill for this application.


According to this :
try to use a different
what does this print :

Returns a pretty much standard:


In the end I removed Fedora16 from the machine and went back to Fedora13. I’m told that the full feature of OpenGL won’t be supported by llvmpipe until F17. So I guess the application was in that category.