Reinstalling winxp?

has anybody tried to reinstall/clean install winxep then install latest drivers to see if opengl works (for those who are having problems) because i may be thinking about winxp SP1 integrated to see if it would fix opengl problems on games.

I am having a problem too w/Opengl in “The Blender” an Opengl based program. (I am running WinXp Pro, Amd 1.4 ghz and have a Radeon 9500 Pro card.) The problem is in the game engine - all UV mapped game textures have reverted to 16 bit color,real annoying since the blender will run under Win xp, the animations are still 32bit. I’ve tried to solve this for hours on end with no luck,but all signs point to xp/radeon >opengl incompatibility?! hmm my 133 mhz computer w/win 98 ran it fine. So it makes absolutely no sense to me.I’ve heard winxp cant use opengl…yet it ships w/opengl32.dll and under properties ,says provided by microsoft,hmmI’ve heard ati radeon isn’t fully opengl compatible,yet it’s drivers include opengl32.dll Any one know whats up or how to solve this? Investingating to me …is just a 10 hour loop that leaves you with only more questions than when you started…OPENGL GURUS…WHAT VERSION DOES THE BLENDER NEED TO RUN RIGHT? I have v.5.1.2600.1106…heelp

Ps…Mr…ya i have…it works…but in a diminished capacity.(WinXp pro sp1)