Refresh Rate problems

I have a GeForce2 Pro with 64mb RAM, Athlon 1400 and 256mb DDR-RAM. I’ve recently got GTA3, which runs slowly, so I want to move down a resolution to 800600 from 1024768.

I have a TAXAN CrystalVision TFT monitor, which is supposed to handle 75Hz. But in 800600, the screen just goes black, although I know everything is still running, I just can’t see it. If on the desktop I set it to 800600 it goes black, but if I set it to 800*600 with 72 Hz it works fine.

BUT, when I run a game it seems to go back to 800*600 with 75Hz. I just want to know how to stop this happening, so the default is 72Hz.

I’m not totally sure that this is to do with OpenGL or not. But it seems to be the most likely place to get an answer.