Refresh Problem

I just installed OpenGl to my system. Now when I got to read text doc. it all runs together. I would like to know if it’s something I did wrong or my video card/drivers which is a Moster Fusion Banshee.

OpenGL is probably not used for displaying text but something can of course gone wrong with your new drivers. For all cards I know of is the OpenGL driver just a piece of a big driver package. The package also has drivers for DirectX and others.

So do you have any suggestions on what I can do to solve this problem. I can work around it and open text doc. in other ways, just would like to know. Thanks

you are using the mini-gl driver supplied by 3dfx and not any other open-gl.dll?
this would cause open-gl games not to run, but dont think it would effect any word processing software not to type.
make sure you got latest drivers from diamond for that monster fusion other wise known as S3 nowdays.
the new drivers are a must for the diamond monster fusion.
that was all i had to do when i had one and never had any trouble with it after that.
except it wasnt that fast at 3d.