rebuilding programs

I haven’t found anything in the spec mentioning whether it is possible to rebuild programs e.g with different options or for other devices after they have been build the first time.

Have I overlooked something or is it obvious that its possible since its not specified explicitly? :wink: I had the feeling that subsequent builds with other options were simply ignored (release+create new program from source worked of course but is not really “clean”).

If you change the program code or options then a rebuild should do a real rebuild. I don’t know if this is tested, but if it doesn’t then it’s a bug in the implementation. Of course you could always just create new programs for each of these rebuilds to keep them separate.

thank you for the quick reply dbs2,

the spec should be more specific about that.
clCreateProgramWithSource makes apparently a defensive copy of the sources, if you change them afterwards it won’t get noticed. You can alter rebuilds only via build options of clBuildProgram which didn’t work for me also (filing a bug report right now).