Read This TNT 2 m64!

heyas, i got a p3 450 128 ram and i got a tnt 2 m64 with 32 meg…when i play games in open gl counterstrike, and quake3 the screen flickers in q3, and in counter strike u try connect to a multiplaying game and u get no luck cos ure screen gets coverd with flickers and u need to reboot becuase it locks i am running windows 98 and i have a gigabyte motherboard thanks ppl

Hey I think my Prob is slighty different from urs … U see i can’t play Cs wif my TnT2 M64 openGL mode . i can onli use D3d(LAGGY) or Software(SUX) And 640 by 480 .
i oso need help …Any KIND SOULS out there ?

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i oso need help …Any KIND SOULS out there ?[/b]

Prob. solution of flicker problem: try 2 switch “v-sync” of. Option should be found somewhere in additional properties of graphics card.