Rage Mobility P and OpenGL

I have a Dell Inspiron 7500 Notebook and I’m running Windows 2000. Has anyone gotten OpenGL to work with the Rage Mobility P chipset?



I have the same portable, with an ATI-P chip ( I did not know it was a Rage).

I have an graphic tool progam that uses OpenGL, in a 3D viewer option. It 3D viewer opens and displays two graphic screen/shots, then OPENGL32DLL page faults. (app crashes)

I loaded and installed Objectx8a from MS, to help me. Progam ran better, (no crash) but screen whent in to a panning mode on a 800x600 resoultion. Adjusting the resoultion higher, gave me black unused screen space.

Reinstalled the ATI DELL drivers and now I am back to sqaure one again.

Opps… Regarding above, I left out the detail that OpenGL Setup was run, prior to running the Objectx8a install.

After running both updates, I then re-booted (when screen panning mode occured).

I just read that OpenGL setup re-intalls PC video drivers on PC (this could be the problem).

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