Radeon + Win2K OpenGL == Hardlock

The topic says it all. I cannot get Windows 2000 to run any OpenGL application (or DirectX application, for that matter…) for any more than about 15 seconds before it hard-locks. However, I can run programs with the default software renderer. (Everything works under Windows 98 SE.)Anybody with information, please reply.

System information:
Celeron 700 at 872 MHz (83 MHz FSB)*
224 meg SDRam
OS: Win 2K + Win 98SE Dual-boot.
Video: ATI Radeon 64 meg DDR ram ViVo (Driver version Retail)
Sound: SB Live!Value (Live!Ware 3 installed).
Motherboard: Abit VH6 with March 1st, 2001 BIOS.

*: I have also tried running my Celeron at specs, with the same results. Therefore, the problem is not overclocking related.