Radeon problem

I have recently had NTL cable fitted and ever since he has not been able to play any game that uses OpenGL. I reckon there’s a conflict somewhere but I’m running out of ideas.

Cable is connected via modem in USB port.

I thought it may have been an IRQ conflict problem but that’s now sorted and still no joy.

Also tried many different gfx drivers, via drivers for mobo…

Am I gonna have to get hold of a network card to test out?

Any ideas?

What do you mean by “haven’t been able to play any opengl game since”. Do you get error messages? Does the screen not display?

If you disconnect the USB to the cable connection, do the games work?

Network cards are about $10, if it solves your problem I would consider it a minor inconvenience.

And how is this a Radeon problem?

More info needed to help you further.

The Radeon has been a crap performing and temperamental card since I got it ages ago.

Just put Radeon problem as the subject for want of anything else to write…

Once the games load up and switch into OpenGL mode the computer locks completely, only power or reset button will do anything.

The USB is mobo based, not a separate card…

This was disabled until we got the cable. There was an IRQ clash between the USB and Radeon at first, but I’ve now got that sorted out.

Normal 2D apps and Direct 3D games work fine, so somewhere the problem lies with my computer and OpenGL.

Other questions…?

By the way…

Tried complete hard drive formatting and software reinstall etc.

Wondered if starting from scratch may let Windows (ME) sort it out.

As a matter of interest (and possibly very relevent) Win 2k, and Win 98 had the same problem.

Haven’t got hold of Win XP yet…

No offense but your intial post implies that there is a problem between OpenGL and your USB cable connection. You could have thrown some more info into the post because it sounds like “I have a problem solve it for me” without any further info.

At least thats what I got out of it.

Since you have your Radeon “for ages” is it a 7500 or what? Which driver are using now?

You mentioned Windows ME is that your current OS?

You mentioned VIA drivers, so you have a VIA based mobo, can you a bit more specific? Is it a KT133? Are your running an AMD Athlon or an Intel Pentium?

Did you had problems with your USB before (some VIA chipsets are known to have faulty USB functionality) and do you use other USB device that may interfere with your USB cable connection (and what/who is NTL?)

In addition to what Nothing asked above, I’d also like to know the answer to one of my original questions:

Does OpenGL games work if you disconnect and/or disable the USB cable modem?