Radeon ATI 32SDR PCI with TV/VCR out/can't get open gl to work with CS

I just bought this card. First off I know that there is an ATI bugfix for this card for CS. I downloaded the fix but don’t know which folder to put it in for halflife. If someone has done this please tell me which folder it is supposed to go in. Second, when using open gl in CS I only get 20 or less fps. It is using the default driver in the CS video modes. I have one other driver in there but it is “3D mini driver” and when I try to use this one, CS says, “this open gl driver is not supported”. Now, if I run cs in Direct 3D I get upwards of 70 to 90 fps but the picture is extremely inconsistant. It waves or has lines going accross the screen when I do any movement. Very annoying to the point that I can’t use direct 3D either. I have tried tweaking the advanced options in open gl and direct 3d to no avail. Any ideas?

Sidenote: I have WinXP and the drivers on the disk that came with this card didn’t support XP, just 95,98,2000. But I did find XP drivers on the internet and installed those. It did say that the drivers were Microsoft certified. (I got them from the Radeon website)

Anyone else have this card and have it working good for CS? If so help please!


I’m using the 32mb Radeon SDR on a P4 1.4ghz 256mb RAM running Windows 98SE.
I’m also having the same problem. I get high fps but low quality. I also don’t get compatability with my audiowerk2 sound card. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know the 3DFX mini driver is for 3DFX cards only (voodoo cards). But how do I get Open GL to work??

It’s appears you have gone upon the right track. I have a Radeon 7000/ VE. With WinMe, I got OpenGl working, then, I upgraded to XP. Unfortunately, XP’s standard drivers don’t support OpenGl. After uninstalling the old drivers and then reinstalling the new, I was finally able to load CS/HL in OpenGl… w/o great loss of quality. I run a DSL line and avg a 35-135ping. You may have to tweak some of the gl_xxxxx configs like I had to when I first got OpenGl working. I was seeing diagnals accross sprayed decals. I tweaked the gl_polyoffset (as suggested by the CS Manuel) and , it worked.

Hrmm… so when you say “old drivers”… are you referring to the retail drivers? I have a Radeon 7000 64 MB PCI card… and I’m getting the same “The selected OpenGL mode is not supported by your video card.” This sucks. Horrible FPS in software mode too. I’m gonna go try Direct3D.

does anyone know where i can get opengl drivers for a radeon 7500


i have the same problem ! i have radeon 7500 64mb and when i will play cs with openGL i was kickt “OVERFLOW …(name)”

please help me !!!

There is a patch available for the “overflow” problem:

Someone please answer the first question… where do you put the fix?

It’s an .exe file, you run it and it patches the HalfLife executeable. Just double-click it and follow the instructions…

dosent work. that file does NOT work

Originally posted by stupid one:
does anyone know where i can get opengl drivers for a radeon 7500

www.ati.com has most up graded drivers but ati is still having problems with there graphics… i say we all right to microsoft and exsplian that ati is putting out a crappy video card…hehe