radeon 9k can't do Sin, Quake II ?

Howdy all
My Radeon 9000 can run Sin in software mode, but apparently not in opengl. Sin was created using the Quake 2 engine. The only way I can run Sin accelerated is by using a “glide wrapper” that I found at voodoofiles.com, or by using “gldirect” program from scitech.com. The strange thing: when I switch to gl mode in the game menu(before starting the actual game play), the menu actually uses gl. I bring down the game console and see the gl extensions written, plus the menu looks cleaner. But when I launch the game - “invalid page fault at xxxx registers.” I’m at my wit’s end. I’ve tried everything. Activision(sin support) has replied, but no luck yet. I saw on this site a bunch of Radeon/gl problems as well. Funny, Quake 3 works without a hitch. Another weird thing: glsetup doesn’t support Radeon 9000 + !!!
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I’ve changed bios settings, i’ve disabled every working program using ctrl-alt-delete, changed desktop settings…nada.

If I recall correctly the ‘old’ Q2 based games only reserved a limited amount of memory to retrieve all the OpenGL extensions a 3D card is capable of.

The time thoose games where written nobody even dreamed of what todays 3d cards can do, hence this buffer is way to small to receive all the today extensions a card is capable of, so memory get overwritten which should not be causing the application (Sin/Q2) to crash.

Hope thats explains it.

In short your card is too powerfull to play this old games.

thanx Nothing,
that helps a bit. However, it looks like tech support finally came through. They suggested the error with the atixxx.dll file was caused by Catalyst drivers - and suggested I install pre-catalyst drivers. No the game works
BUT, I think gldirect may have something to do with it. See, I installed gldirect, which allowed Sin to run. The program uses Directx to run opengl games/apps. I tested Sin in 1076 screen res. I then installed the old drivers, and uninstalled gldirect. When I tested Sin, it began with 1076 res.
Boy, wouldn’t it be nice if someone manufactured a card that would have hardware support for glide, opengl and directx