Radeon 9800 OpenGL no longer works

Hi all,
I just installed ATI’s new 4.1 Catalyst drivers for my Radeon 9800. I faithfully uninstalled my old drivers like I always do, and rebooted. When I try to play any opengl based game, i.e. neverwinter nights, star wars:knights of the old republic, the system loads them(they go into the task manager), but nothing else happens, I just remain on the desktop. I decided to test my suspicions by writing a simple c++ app that displays a red triangle on the screen; when i click the .exe, the program will go into the task manager, but nothing will come up on windows. I am not getting any errors or anything, programs simply will not load. Everything was working fine before I installed 4.1. DirectX games work fine too. I have contacted ATI, posted stuff on the neverwinter nights forums, and nothing has helped. I am ready to completely re-format, but I hope someone has some suggestions out there before I have to do this. here are my system specs:

-Dell OptiPlex GX400 (latest chipset- intel 850 and bios)
-1.3 GHz P4
-512MB Rambus Non-ECC Memory
-Maxtor 60GB HD
-ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Catalyst v 4.1
-Sound Blaster Live (latest drivers)
-Windows 2000 w service pack 4, all latest critical updates installed, DirectX 9.0b

I can’t think of anything else that might be pertinent. Please help!

Uh… so why don’t you go back to the drivers which were working?

I tried going back to the old drivers, and I have the same problem.