Radeon 9700 Pro and MOHAA questions

First question is to anyone with a Radeon 9700 Pro card. I think that I might be missing something in my install. Please go to display settings, settings, advanced, displays, then click your monitor. On the screen that comes up after clicking all that, I have 2 tabs. 1 is adjustments and 1 is advanced. According the help file I should have another tab that says attributes. Can someone tell me how many tabs they have?

As far as MOHAA goes, I just got a new computer and MOHAA is choppy. It ran fine on my 1.1GHZ AMD Athlon, GeForce2, Windows ME. But on my 2.66GHZ P4, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, Windows ME it is choppy. I have all the settings the same on both systems so I don’t have an idea why it is choppy. I should be able to run it no problem. Any ideas? Thanks.

Well I currently run XP (but I’ll go back to W2K when I am finished with some compatiblity tests) but
when I go to Display->Advanced I got a lot of tabs. Six of them are related to the Radeon and have a little ATI logo in front of them.

I guess the Radeon drivers are not installed corretly.

Make sure you disable any virus checking software pior to install new drivers (but dont forget to enable virus checker after the installation was completed).

Hope that helps.

Thanks for replying. However I needed you to go a little farther. Where you were at those 6 tabs click the one that says displays and then click monitor. That’s where I have 2 tabs and I think there needs to be 3. Thanks again.

i’ve got a 9700 and i’ve got 3 tabs - one of them is attributes

Thanks Beefwomen. Just as I expected.