Radeon 64 DDR & Half life help for 1280X960

I have own a PC with Windows ME, 733 Celeron, 384 megs RAM, on a new ASUS CUSL2-C main board.
I sold my Voodoo 3 (which worked fine at all resoultions), and bought a new Radeon 64 Meg DDR video card.
I believe I have all the latest drivers for everything.
But when I set the resoultion in Half-Life to 1280X960, the game will play but I see my Windows tool bar at the bottom of the screen and the same amout of space at the top of the screen.
What is going on?? It works at lower resoultions, but on a 21 inch monitor I would prefer it as high as possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

I love playing games - but I am thinking I bought the wrong video card now.


The Radeon doesn’t support 1280X960 resolution so what you’re seeing is the game playing in a window (not fullscreen). It’s unfortunate that Half-Life doesn’t let you select 1280X1024 which is a pretty standard resolution and one that the Radeon supports.

A) Play it like it is.
B) Play it in 1600X1200 or 1024X768