Racer Request

Hi Everybody!! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve just registered as a new user for this site.

I am a fast growing motorcycle racer in the UK and am at the stage now where I am putting together a presentation package for wouldbe sponsors.
The idea is for me to stick some media images infront of them of world class racers on their bikes, and then to demonstrate to them the areas of my bike, leathers and helemt that are available for hire.
There are different areas of the bike and some are premium and others are less visible and so of a lwoer cost.
I need to be able to highlight these areas so they can see what they prefer.
To this end, I am trying to find a computer rendered image of my actual model of bike (Yamaha R6) from side, front, rear and top aspects, and also of a basic rider, standing upright, and of a helmet, different aspects again, all in black, nothing too detailed,more of an outline with basic parts.

To the point : I wanted to ask if anyone can point me in the right direction or if indeed someone would actually render the stuff for me?
Perhaps a poject to practice your knowledge/skills?

I don’t need moving images etc, just static images of black bike, helmet etc with quality computer rendering (if that’s the correct term).

Anyone willing/able?
My brain is too small to grapple with tech stuff, as what’s left of it needs to point the pocket-rocket I race in the right direction lol.

You would be better suited to ask real artists to do this.

We are mostly mere programmers here…

Anyway, try to offer some interesting compensation (even if no money) to raise more interest.