Question about exporting diffuse color

Hello All,

I have a quick question about exporting color using collada DOM. First I’m trying


       daeElement* effectLib = root->add("library_effects");
       daeElement * effect =  effectLib->add("effect");
       effect->setAttribute("id", sEffectName.c_str());
       daeElement* profile = effect->add("profile_COMMON");
       daeElement* technique = profile->add("technique");
       technique->setAttribute("sid", "common");
       technique->add("phong diffuse color");
       double rgb[3]=///blah blah;
        std::stringstream lColorStream;
        lColorStream<<rgb[0]<<" "<<rgb[1]<<" "<<rgb[2]<<" ";
        daeBool returnv = technique->setCharData("1 2 3");

however returnv is false. What am I doing wrong?

Second, following the method in the export example, I’m able to set my diffuse color to a texture, which works fine. Using the common profile though, is there a way to have botha diffuse color and a diffuse texture assigned to the same technique? If not, whats the best way to have both a diffuse color and a texture applied at the same time, other then baking the color into the texture?


<technique> doesn’t have character data. Add the rgb value to the <color> element.

Either by using <newparam> or <extra> to define the value(s) and coding your application to use the value(s).