Questiom about Opensles low latency

I used Opensles on Android. I see that after android 4.2 .Some device supports low latency. It seems relate to device’s samplerate and play buffer.Is that mains adjust the samplerate same to device can get low latency. So, i want to ask why set the samplerate same as device can get low latency? what is the relation between them in OpenSLES? God will forgive my poor english!

Hi Ronnie,

No need to apologize for your English.

Latency is not specified by OpenSL ES. It is left up to the implementer or device manufacturer to decide the appropriate latency for a device. For a better understanding of how Android manages latency on different devices, I suggest you post to an Android audio forum. They may have the necessary experience with Android to be able to answer your question.