Query on h264 encoded data format in OMX_NALSTREAMFORMATTYPE

Consider the “OMX_NaluFormatOneByteInterleavedLength” format.

My understanding of this format is as follows:
Multiple “NALU” without start codes seperated by the NAL size.
i.e <1 byte NAL size><Encoded Data without StartCode>…<1 byte NAL size><Encoded Data without StartCode>

My query is that, the <Encoded Data with StartCode> is NALU format or Byte Stream format.
i.e the <Encoded Data with StartCode> shall have emulation prevention byte or not.

As per H264 specification:
NALU format : With Start code prefix & emulation prevention byte.
Byte stream format : Without start code prefix and no emulation prevention.

Thanks in advance.