Quake3 Visiontek GeForce 3 Win2k Where Are the Lights???

Wow what a pain in the tail pipe.

OK I have read of people having darkness issues with Quake 3 and the Gefroce 3 card but i have yet to see any solutions aside from going into the console and playing with a gamma command.

Here are my specs:
AMD 1.4 chip
Abit Board
Audilogy SOund Card
Visiontek Geforce 3 Video Card
Latest Detonator Drivers
Windows 2000 Sp2

As soon as I go into the game it is dark i mean really relaly dark. I already turned up the brightness within the panel to max but it does nothing.

Wow windows 2000 has been such a pain the ass to deal with…i just brought the video card cause my old nvidia tnt2 Ultra Viper card wouldn’t with opengl…but now a new issue…

anyone hav eany ideas how i can solve this problem or other forums I can try.

I just called visiontek and they have no clue…i think its an opengl thing or something with win 2k…

thanks in advance