Quake 2 freezes in WINME with NVIDIA GEFORCE DDR

I have an Athlong 800 with a Nvidia Geforce DDR running WINME. For some reason when playing Quake 2, the game freezes from time to time. There is no specific time when this happens however. Sometimes I get errors like ‘NVOPENGL.DLL has cause an invalid page fault’ Or similiar errors. Or sometimes it just completely freezes up, and I have to cold boot the machine. I have tried running the opengl auto update and it worked fine, but I still keep getting these lockups. Sometimes I can play a game for hours and it will be fine, then just lock up out of nowhere. Other times I will play for 5 minutes and it will lock up. Any help would be great. Thanks

This sounds like the same problems I am having. Does youe system only lock on certain programs or is it totally random? I tried running Windows ME Regestry clean program. It helped my system a little but didn’t quite fix the problem. Maybe it will work for you. Let me know if you figure out the solution.