Quake 2 dark - a solution?

I had the problem of Quake 2 being very dark under OpenGL. Searching this forum revealed I was not alone. I’ve found a solution which is simple to try and works for me.

Go to the Quake 2 console and type:

gl_modulate n

where n is 1 (the default), 2, 3, 4 or 5 (which I use).
To activate then type:


If this solves the problem change the command line in the Quake shortcut to:

c:\quake2\quake2 -gl_modulate 5

Another Dave

What kind of vodeo card are you using? I have the same problem using a Radeon VE (which should be plenty for Q2) and still can’t seem to fix the problem. I always end up back a the software rendering video selection.