q3arena opengl problem

I had a demo of q3 team arena, which played fine on my system
pIII 1000 128mb ram
geforce2 mx 32mb
dx 8

I tried various drivers (bog standard, 10.80, 12.40, 12.10). and all was well.

then one day it just wouldnt load, it couldnt find some config.cfg file. so I uninstalled it & got q3arena. now q3 wont do anything, the screen goes grey and the computer frezzes I have to reset it alt+ctrl+del doesnt work.

what the hell is wrong???

oh I am running winMe just so you know

come on guys. I need help hereā€¦

A couple of days ago did nvidia released official new drivers(12.41).
Have you tried them?

will try them was unaware of the release

Be aware, I came across the same problem when I first bought Q3A, the gray screen of death. I replaced the game disc, same problem, I had a voodoo 3 3000 AGP overclocked to 180Mhz from 166Mhz. I think that it overclocking my card fried a trace on the card or a component, because I replaced my card, and Q3 works fine. If you can, try another video card. Hope this helps.

all is well, the new drivers fixed the grey screen of death

but didnt fix mine.i have the same problem.