Q3A Freezes

My pc is a home built
AMD Athlon900
with 256mb ram
20 and 14 gig hard drive
GeForce2 (Creative Anihalator 2 )

And when I play Q3A my pc freezes after about 30min of game play… Forcing me to re-boot, I have direct x 8 installed and the detinator 3 drivers and the latest ver of opengl setup (beta ) Can anyone help?

There is a patch that resolves some bugs on the game. here is the URL: http://ftp2.extreme-players.de/exp/q3/patches/Q3PointRelease_127g.exe

hope this help.

Yeah, I have been using that… Its weird… Today I reinstalled the opengl software and Directx8 and it worked great for about 3 hours, then it started back in, Freezing and stuff… Then I tried mechwarrior, and that game ( after about an hour ) made my computer reboot… Over and over and over again… Then I took out one of my dimms of ram, Because I noticed it was only counting 128mb ram ( I have 256 ) and went into bios and set it to clear NV-Ram… ( I dont know what that does, Its just the only thing I havnt tried ) and now Quake seems to run more stable… The game play isnt as GOOD of quality, but it plays longer. I wounder what could be the problem… Does anyone know what the NV-Ram even is?