Propertiary content

Does developing website using webgl means that all code and resources like meshes and textures used in project are public?

You can use a packer for the code, this means it will be difficult to be read (but not impossible to decode). For the meshes you can also use your own binary file type (however everyone can convert it knowing how the mesh is parsed), so that will be harder to use your resources but never impossible :mrgreen:

Also if you develop using flash your code is public, there are many softs that disassembly the swf 8)

That’s a rather odd question. I’m not really sure what you could possibly mean by that. So, here is the shotgun answer:

a) Using WebGL doesn’t affect copyright. The content is all yours.

b) The content can be accessible for everyone or you can restrict the access. Just like you can restrict the access to any other resource you put on the web.

c) There is no way to prevent people from ripping your media on the PC platform. Cryptography doesn’t help if the attacker and the legitimate receiver are one and the same person. Also, no matter how hard you try, at some point you have to send the data over to the graphics card (unencrypted) and all that data and all those instructions can be intercepted and dumped into a file.

However, this isn’t a problem at all. There is so much game content available to anyone and those few people who actually bother to use it for a bit are hobby developers. And they generally only use it as a temporary placeholder.

If someone ever dares making a profit with your stuff you can sue them to hell. Really, there are laws for this stuff and they do work pretty well.