Project Angela - Operation Art

Kyros, who’s a Project Angela developer, is working on some plug ins that will go to and from Collada. We feel that the pipeline drives the artist and we don’t see any significant reaons that artists can’t work in the format in which they’re most comfortable. Nothing like trying to figure out an unfamiliar user interface to stifle creativity.

The second part of what we’re doing is building a repository of refrence skeletions. We’re hoping to build a repository of usable skeletons for game building purpopses or anything else the human brain can dream of doing with them. We plan on storing the reference skeletons in a COLLADA format.

If you folks have skeletions you’d like to contribute, or if you’d like to talk to Kyros in more detail about what he’s working on, feel free to visit our forums. You can find us at

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RecentCoin aka Morrighu