Problems with opengl32.dll and the ICD

Hi there,I am having a serious problem with OpenGL on my system. I have had a GeForce DDR for a couple of months and everything has been working fine. I recently installed some software that managed to stop OpenGL from working.

  • Microsoft opengl32.dll no longer passes control to the NVidia ICD. All OpenGL rendering is done in software via the Microsoft renderer (GDI Generic).
  • Direct3D works as it always has done

What I tried to do to fix it:

  • Reinstall my drivers (Hercules Det. 3.77)
  • Replace opengl32.dll and glu32.dll with those in OpenGL95.exe linked from this site
  • Replace opengl32.dll and glu32.dll with those on the Win98 CD (1998 file date)
  • Install the Det 3.68 NVidia reference drivers

None of that worked. It just seems that opengl32.dll is refusing to pass control to the ICD.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Is there something else that sits between opengl32.dll and the ICD that might be corrupted?

Thanks for any help!

I noticed in a post from a while back someone had a similiar problem. The solution was to comment out the line ‘DVA=0’ from win.ini. Needless to say, it worked.

Now I have two questions:

  1. What is ‘DVA’. What does it do/mean?
  2. How did it manage to get into my win.ini?


I have the same prob, but DVA=0 isn’t in my win.ini!


Ok, I’ve sussed the problem I was having. I have a second gfx card installed as a multi-monitor display, which was causing a problem. I just disabled the card in Display Properties, and it all works fine now!