Problems with Gloria III and Antialiasing

Hi guys!!

I have a PIII800 MHZ with an ASUS board, 256 MB RAM and a Gloria III (Quadro 2 Pro chip).
Now i need to use antialiasing in my opengl program but when i turn on antialiasing in the display setting (3d Antialiasing Settings) no antialiasing is shown.
I tested the original nvidia drivers (v4.00.1381.1241) and the detonator driver v12.40 but there was no antialiasing.

Before i bought the gloria III i had a Geforce 2 Ultra and with this card antialiasing was possible
Can anyone help me please ???

Man, there was no need in buying a Quaddro.

There is a way to unlock your existing Geforce 2 ultra and make it into a quaddro

check this site out:
this page provides a software way.

This page provides a hardware way

I know this is a bit off topic

thanks for the tipp but i need a software solution for my problem. Do you know someone else who can help me ???

why you would enable anti aliasing beats me
if degrades performance soooo much

but not with the Gloria III (hardware antialiasing)

shoulda got a gefore 3 instead