Problems running "Drawing_a_triangle" tutorial

I’m glad you found the problem.
As a side note, I would recommend not “polluting” the SDK with files that belong to your project. The shader source files (.vert/.frag) should live in your project source directory and the compiled files (.spv) should live in your build directory or your source directory - sometimes the two are the same which is something I personally think should be avoided as well.

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So, I assume I have to change the .spv file output to this?

C:\VulkanSDK\\Bin32\glslc.exe shader.vert -o C:/“myFolder”/vert.spv
C:\VulkanSDK\\Bin32\glslc.exe shader.vert -o C:/“myFolderPath”/shader.spv

Perhaps, later on when I can actually get a hang of it.

In the tutorial phase, Vulkan has a tendency to throw errors, loader searches for unknown registries, show white screens, throw vector out of range errors, etc

Based on Google searches, some of these errors that I brought up are over 4 years-old.

This tells me that no one on the Vulkan team sought to remove the cause of the error.

To the Vulkan team, they like Vulkan the way it is, changing it might confuse them more.

Ignore the previous post.

The error was meant to happen.

Also, thanks for the help Carstenn.

Some weird problems from page 251-254.

You will get a blank screen after you run the program on Release.

Plus, there will be arithmetic overflow errrors for

vertex.pos =
attrib.vertices[3 * index.vertex_index + 0],
attrib.vertices[3 * index.vertex_index + 1],
attrib.vertices[3 * index.vertex_index + 2]

This is with the code from

I found the issue.

For some strange reason, the vector subscript error is due to a missing slashes in viking_room.obj

It works after you add the slashes in the correct place.