Problems in UT with SkyBox transparent objects

I just upgraded my UT to use OpenGL rather then D3D (finally!) after downloading the latest Detonator drivers and the GeForce Tweaker. (I have a GeForce 2) Everything went great, but there is one problem …

Some of the skybox objects, like the city skyline or some of the mountains, are not properly transparent. By that I mean that there is a field of black where you normally should be able to see through. This also happens with tree-leaf textures, but that was happening before with my D3D as well. It’s the same with both 32 bit color and 16 bit color.

What strikes me as odd is that most of the skybox textures are fine … it’s just one or two of them (the most popular ones) that have gone bad.

I hope someone can help me out with this.