Problem with Open GL on Counter-strike

first of all. how do i download new video drivers???.
second, almost every time i play cs i use direct 3d now because open gl froze as soon as a pressed “join game” than a screen came up that says “loading…” than it just freezes. it is really frustrating having to restart all the time just so i can play cs for 20 mins . can somebody help me???

Yeah me too.i recently installed a gfx card and one or two minutes into the game my computer freezes.Im to a point where im gonna throw my computer out the window.

i play cs and crash after sometime in opengl,direct 3d has no problem.
leadtek geforce2 ti
pls someone,help,i see mani ppl having similiar problems

yeppp me too theres so many people with this damn problem but no one will ever help us and this is so annoying and pissing me off becuz its been playing perfect before all of a sudden its not wanting to work … check these forums for maybe SOME solutions bu ti’v tried everything thing possiable nothng works

i replaced the opengl32.dll and i think it worked,will continue testing tomorrow

failed,sob sob

Can anyone plz help us. I hate playing CS on software i dont even know who is shooting at me most of the time.And i hate the fact that i paid $100.00 on a gfx card that i know its in my comp but i cant even enjoy it.

Simple plz… CS is written specifically for D3D, I prefer OpenGL in games, but my performance is ****-house