Problem with GL_rending?

Hello everyone. I have been struggling with this openGL problem for a moment now and I hope someone can give me some advice.
I have installed the newest driver for my ATI radeon HD 3200 from AMD website. I have also installed GPU caps viewer that informs me that I still have ‘GDI generic’ as my GL_RENDERER.( and GL version of 1.1.0 ofcourse and no GLSL version at all) with 2 installed openGL extensions. The new driver should support a lot further than just 1.1. I need higher openGL version to run graphics for a certain games and haven’t found anyone else with such problem.
So my question is does anyone have idea of what is wrong, what might cause it and how should I fix it? Thank you in advantage and sorry for bad english and stuff.

Do you have an intel chipset with builtin graphics and also your radeon card too? This kind of arrangement can cause problems.
The best course of action is to completely remove any installed drivers and reboot. Then when you are certain you have no components hanging around, reinstall the drivers.

Try and find from amd a driver nuke utility to remove any and all driver bits and bobs.

I have AMD 780G chipset with AMD SB700 southbridge. I’m just a newbie with all hardware with computers so I hope information is detailed. I have deleted driver with driver sweeper and Windows install cleanup and rebooted and reinstalled but it hasn’t helped.

Ok well now I have tried several times to uninstall all “bits and bobs” :wink: with driver sweeper and reinstall first from HP Compaq driver base and then AMD’s page from integrated motherboard graphics section - no-go… Any other advice? Should I take this to local doctor? :frowning: The weird part is that it recognizes that I have driver from november 2011 and even the driver model, but openGL is still stuck 1.1 with GDI generic.

Just had a look at AMD for 780g chipset drivers.
What you have should be supported unless the laptop is one of these listed as ‘unsupported’ - see below.

Make sure you are logged on as ADMINISTRATOR and use the RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR (right-click) option to start the installation (due to User Access Control elevated priveledges)
Cat 12.2 for Windows7

Release notes

The AMD Catalyst software suite 12.2 contains the following:
AMD display driver version 8.95
HydraVision™ for Windows® Vista® and Windows 7
Southbridge/IXP Driver
AMD Catalyst Control Center version 8.95 / AMD Vision Engine Control Center version 8.95

The following notebooks are not compatible with this release:

Any notebook launched after this driver release
Switchable Graphics enabled notebooks
Toshiba notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)
Sony VAIO notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)
Panasonic notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)

Ok I already have that suite. If I go the device manager and choose already installed driver, how should I do it. I’m feeling so helpless.

There is already 12.3 and I tried to install through mobility driver utility and it found the drivers as 12.3 version from 12.4.2012. The opengl version is still 1.1 with GDI_generic. I’ll try to figure out from device vendor and post solution if found out.