Problem with a Rendering Software and People pointed me to this forum

Hello people!

I’m using Artlantis, which is an architecture rendering software and today and it couldn’t open my current or any old project that I had worked on before. I tried Reinstalling, updating and restarting. I need to End Task the program in order to close if after the error appears. I updated my AMD driver sometime after the last time the program was working. Any ideas?

CPU: i7 - 6700k
GPU: AMD R9 380, 4GB
MB: Z170, AsRock
OS: Windows 10
MODELER: ArchiCAD 19, student version


Hi Stefan,

My name is Tianxiao WANG. I’m community manager of Abvent Group.
I saw that you were having problem with Artlantis, then Voilà, I’m here! :smiley:
To find a solution, you could create a “Ticket” on Artlantis online support page:
It is a technical support system for all Artlantis users (whether you have trial, pro or student version).
Once you have created a ticket with your question + your computer configuration, one of our technicien will directly get back to you.

Thank you and best regards,
Tianxiao WANG