Problem with a mmorpg

I have a ati hd 2600xt 512mb pci-e videocard, and while playing muonline, my game freezes and the vpu trys to restart but cant.
I have tried adjusting all the opengl settings to no prevail.
My card is using version 2.1(opengl) with the lastest ati drivers, i have tried different drivers and same thing.
Anyway i can try older version of opengl?
Only happens on the one game.

2.0 works fine on my old card
2.1 random crashes.

Where can i dl 2.0?

GL 2.0 or 2.1 is provided to you by the combination of the graphic card and its drivers.
Try older drivers ?
Try bugging ATi and/or the game maker for fixes ?

  1. The publisher is Korean so asking for a fix isnt gonna work.
  2. I dont have many drivers to choose from and there all 2.1

Was doing a reg scan last night and found a ogl.
No idea wat it means.

This file looks precisely like the ATi implementation of OpenGL.
So, either you have a missing file, either the file name has changed in recent drivers, but you still have cruft left over from old drivers.

Try a full deinstallation of your ATI video drivers, reboot, then reinstall the latest official driver.

I ended up doing a format and installing the lastest ati drivers and still have the problem.

atioglxx.dll is the older code. ATI/AMD rewrote it and the new file name is atiogl2x.dll. You’ll be using atiogl2x.dll with their latest drivers.
How long do you play before it freezes?

As long as i dont move i can stay on for a long time, but as soon as i start attacking its random crash/vpu recover.