Problem: Max Exporter + bones (Mesh operation on non-mesh)

The latest version of the Max exporter (1.2.2) has introduced a problem I did not find in the earlier version (1.2).

When I have a standard mesh, it exports fine. But if it has bones and a skin modifier, the script crashes with “–Runtime error: Mesh operation on non-mesh: Editable Poly”. It highlights the line “do_Cleanup_Point3 vert” in the function called “Write_DAE_Source_Position_Element”. Not surprisingly, this do_Cleanup line wasn’t in the previous version.

In case it is of interest, I am using 3ds max 6.0.

I don’t have any experience with max scripts, so it’s difficult for me to debug. Any ideas?

Hi Brandon,

We tried and were not able to get the problem. Could you send me a file illustrating it?

Thank you,



Thanks for your help, it is very much appreciated. Where would you like me to send the file?