PowerVR SGX (omap3530) support


I am newbie about GPGPU and OpenCL. I wonder if I can use OpenCL to speedup an elaboration (signal processing) on a Texas Instrument omap3530 which is equipped with PoverVR SGX 5 serie GPU (it should be 520). Omap3530 is a cortex A8 CPU running Linux, and we will write our algorithms in C/C++.

Note that omap3530 also integrate a dsp but we don’t want to use it.


As far as I know there’s no OpenCL implementation for PowerVRs. So you probably have to wait for Imagination Technologies to develop one. You most probably won’t be able to use any other OpenCL implementation…

I am confused about what is wrote on PowerVR SGX fact sheet:
“[…]OpenCL Embedded profile for all PowerVR SGX variant”

It is reported also in this post by an IMG staff menber.

In particular:
you can see that under the API support section on the second page that the “OpenCL Embedded Profile” is mentioned for all SGX variants

so who is rigth?


They seems to provide full featured OpenCL cards :

so I guess their driver should provide OpenCL implementation.

There’s a big difference between having a GPU whose hardware supports the OpenCL requirements and a driver that passes conformance. :slight_smile: My guess is that it will take a while to get working drivers for this.

Just as information, OpenCL support on PowerVR SGX now see e.g.