Possibility to access every cl_mem object as buffer NEEDED!!


I hope that the next opencl release will allow to access any cl_mem object (buffer, image) as a __global type * , because otherwise it’s too limitating for kernel writing, we should write a different kernel for each different type of input, or convert the buffer into textures every time…

i hope the specs writer will consider this

another thing that i think would be just amazing is to extend the CL/GL interoperability, to create GL textures and buffers FROM CL textures or buffers.

that means that it should enable to create any kind of GL memory object (buffer object, texture 1D,2D,3D,2Darray) from , for example a cl_mem buffer

last thing that would be great is to allow to create multiple GL objects from a CL buffer.
Example many 2D textures from a buffer containing 3D data, or simply replace a single 2D texture, every time with a different offset into the buffer…

I hope that such features would be appreciated also by others