Poor Game Performance, High Performance Machine

I play counterstrike religously, but I also play a little doom3 and a little UT2004. My fps last night on counterstrike 1.6, NOT source, was around 30 fps. When I first join a server my FPS is 100 no problem. As the game goes on, my system performance slows dramatically. I have a p4 3.2 with HT enabled. 1 gig of Kingston PC3200 DDR400 RAM configured for DDR, a GeForceFX 5600 Ultra and NO programs running in the background because I used msconfig to close them all. I know people with half the machine I have that still run counterstrike at 100FPS with no problem. I’ve been having this problem for a while now, can anyone help? Thanks. comp_nerd@hotmail.com

Doesn’t sound like an OpenGL problem.

Could be just a hiccup in the Internet or even the CS server you were on.

If its getting slower over time, I’ll bet you anything that its thermal throttling you are seeing.

If the cpu core gets to hot, the cpu inserts idle cycles to prevent a burn out.

I’ve seen it on system where the heatsink wasnt mounted correctly, had a defective or failing fan or the heasink simply was to small right from start.

I would check this first.

Like “Uh” I doubt that this has anything to do with OpenGL.