Podcast, slides of GDC 07 OpenGL presentations?

A long time ago in a thread far, far away I suggested that audio podcasts of OpenGL presentations would be a great way to keep the community better informed.

How about recording the March GDC presentations on the Longs Peak and Mt. Evans plans?


Before everyone suggests video, if slides are available too, one can listen to the audio while reading through the slides. This considerably lowers bandwidth requirements for both hosting and downloading, and the slides display at best resolution (vs grainy, compressed video).

That sounds like a very good idea, much better than what is currently polled on the front page :

OpenGL User Poll
Would you listen to an OpenGL podcast series?
Total Votes: 55
Yes - featuring short how-tos
50 % 47% (26)

Yes - an audio summary of OpenGL and OpenGL ES news
7 % 7% (4)

Yes - I would even be interested in contributing a segment
2 % 2% (1)

No - I would not download an audio cast
46 % 44% (24)

I replyed “no” to the above poll, for two reasons : as a non-native english speaker, I prefer largely reading through tutorials, and it is much simpler to search through text than audio.

Audio recording of presentations is however the only way to get the most from the presentation, quite often the slides are much less detailed.

And once an audio recording exists, text transcripts can be done out of it, I would even try to do such transcripts :slight_smile: