Pls !!! Starting with OpenGL but nothing happen !

Hi all can somebody help me !?

I have problem with my OpenGL at starting any Game in GL mode ! MOHAA, CS, UT and so on !
My System is running with

AMD Athlon XP 1800
Win 2000 Professional (ger)
256 MB RAM
32 MB Hercules Kyro 3D Prophet 4000X
40Gig HD

When I’m starting a Game in GL Mode then I get a black monitor and the Game is sarting … I can hear the Sound of the Game but this the only thing !
Now I’m asking for a OpenGL Insallation for my Graphiccard !
I was on but I dont know if any of that Insallationfile is good for my card ! 80 Mb and more is a big Traffic for Download … so I will ask for …
I’m prefering a direct url as answer !

Thx Climber

If you can hear the sounds in your games it probably means that they are loading properly. It sounds as if this is a refresh rate problem rather than your video card, make sure that in the ‘Adapter’ tab of your Display settings that the refresh rate setting is on “optimal” or a rate supported by your monitor. You may need to change it for other resolutions, or whatever resolution you have your game set to.

Hope I’ve helped