please recommend a Graphics card to me just a newer

:confused: I will start a project with z-buffer algorithm.I want the hardware to process the data quickly .please recommend ,thank you.

Hmm, any recent nvidia or ati card …

Thank you !Are there some other special requirements for the hardware of pc

The Nvidia OpenGL implementation is AFAIK better. On Linux its definitly better.

I can vouch for Nvidia as well. My Geforce 6800 is the bee’s knees.

I do all my shopping at newegg:

You’ll find the system requirements listed with the board specs. The important distinction is AGP vs. PCI-E (be sure to get the right one :wink: ). If you have an older mobo, chances are you want the AGP flavor.

Note that some of the newer AGP boards are kinda picky about voltage, so you may want to make sure your mobo’s AGP version is up to the challenge (I think most new boards require version 2.0+).