Please help

Hi…my problem…I have onboard graphics S3 Pro Savage DDR (not an actual card)…My system is american megatrend series M925LR motherboard intel pentium4…I’m trying to install NVIDIA Asylum GeForce FX 5200 AGP card.I’ve followed instructions and drivers loaded successfully…however when I install the card, my computer will not boot up.No beep…no monitor…nothing.Take the card out and computer boots up.I’ve tried disabling Pro savage at device manager…did not work.I deleted pro savage…now problems with VGA mode at 16 colors.Took about an hour to fix that.I believe I need to change jumper settings at the motherboard but my manual does not tell me how or even which jumpers are controlling the onboard graphics.I already contacted NVIDIA and they said it might be a faulty card so I returned it for another one and still the same problem…This is bugging me…I cannot play any games that demand accelerated graphics.My screen name is my email…if you know how to fix this problem…please drop me a line…Thanks in advance

You MUST disable the on-board video in the system BIOS.

Consult your motherboard manual or manufacterer website for exact instructions.