I see that most everyone is having problems with our beloved opengl. I just bought a brand new system 2100 xp with ati radeon 7500 all in wonder. For those of you that play JKII, mine seems to work “alright” with that game. First time i played it, it worked pretty nicely at highest qual, now it works ok. Counter-strike is my main problem though. I have another computer with a 32 mb vdo card, and its graphics are 5x nicer than my new computer’s. I remember doing something to fix this, and i think it was installing new xp compatible drivers, but i forget where from. I THINK what i did to get them nice is dl opengl 95 from I need help, lol, badly as i am going crazy. My glock looks like a penis and my M4A1 looks like its pregnant, the graphs are BAD. I thought this was only opengl with ati vdo cards, but that doesnt seem to be the case. Ive been hole dup in my absement for two days straight trying to figure it out, and maybe help some of you guys, but alas i am hopeless. If anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it. Please reply and make me feel better, im about to blow up my computer. Thanks