Pivot type Node

Hy .
What is pivot node type in collada?
I’m creating a collada importer and now i’m at sene import ,then i must rotate ,scalate and translate for each node, but in my parser i “meet” the PIVOT type node , what is?
And if i would import the bones and skin are also in the visual scene tree?


As of the 1.5 specification I can see that the only valid types of nodes are either NODE or JOINT.

Due to this, I’m guessing you’re refering to a node with an sid or name attribute with a value of “PIVOT”. If this is the case you can treat this node as a NODE type, as described by the specification (unless of course, you have the type attribute specified with the value of JOINT).

I’m guessing here, but I’d assume your exporter has just named a node “PIVOT” to represent a pivot point that has been used in creating your model/scene by your 3D modelling package.


the problem is that in some pivot node of my collada file there are a matrix and the geometry tag(the tag uri of mesh).
1)I must deal this transformation matrix like a normal node type?then concatenate it with the parents in the visual scene and create a result matrix to set when i draw the mesh?
2)or i must ignorate this matrix

COLLADA does not specify Pivot Node Type.
If you see Pivot in nodes or in transforms, you should treat them like regular nodes or transforms.
So you should do Option 1.

If anyone thinks Pivot Node Type is useful, let me know.
When there are enough requests, I can try to propose something in the next spec updates.


Hi Herbert,

Personally speaking, I feel the pivot is pretty clearly just another transform, so I can’t see the point in adding this additional complexity. (It’s not just that I don’t want to have to add it to my parser, I promise!)

However, (without trying to hijack this thread,) if there’s any chance of adding animation references into the <visual_scene> tree. As an example, a new <amination_clip_instance> that would be a child of <instance_controller> to specify related animations to the controller.

Now that would be ace. :smiley:


good suggestion, could you submit this as a BUG or RFE of the spec so we can track this
Please use the ‘submit bug’ link on the collada.org wiki main page


Bug#: 107