Physics Exporter for 3ds max(PhyX plug-in from Ageia)

I am using “PhysXPlugin_rev9_for_3dsMax9_physx273.exe” (from … _id=191256) in 3DMax 2008. It can export rigid_body without any problem while we found that it can not export the rigid_constraint (defined in reactor of 3dsMax).

Could anyone help me with that? Any kind of constraint is fine for usand what we need is the constraint which can be exported and it doesn’t have to be from reactor. I read the PhysX3DSMax.doc at feeling software website and follow the section of how to create a joint (or constraint). I used “select and link” to create parent and child relation. I can edit joint information but that is not exportable.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Also, all meshes for visual scene are lost from this plug-in. There may be some convex_mesh but those are for <shape>. So whether this plug-in only deals with physics_scene.

Sorry for putting questions here because that project seems to be closed in source_forge. Any help is highly appreciated because we really need that for our physics engine!

Have you tried contacting/emailing one of the 6 developers? … _id=191256

One of them should be able to tell you wether constraints are currently supported, and perhaps provide some sample Max file.

If not, the plugin is available in open source on sourceforge, and anyone in the community should feel free to make changes.

Please let us know if you know more about this,

Hi Erwin,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I have sent requests and a project manager promised to forward that email to some developer.

I just have a question whether there will be any official development of plug-in anymore. Because from a reply from Greg, it seems that there will be some developers from a company working on it.

If official development of plug-ins stop, I am a little bit worried about future of convenience of working with COLLADA.

Could anyone make it clear?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Yes development of COLLADA software and plug-ins will continue both in the open source and freeware communities as well as by most of the leading commercial DCC companies. There are now well over 50 companies, probably closer to 100, developing COLLADA support into their tools including Softimage, Crytek and the recently announced Lightwave v9.5 from NewTek!


ColladaMax, ColladaMaya and ColladaMotionBuilder will continue to be developed. There may be a bit of a break in development as we find a new contractor to take Feeling Software’s place, but development will continue.

We are also trying to create a better solution for Collada Physics support. In the past Max and Maya had separate physics plug-ins. We are hoping to get more integrated physics support in ColladaMax and ColladaMaya where it will be easier to work with. Right now we are trying to work out the best way to do this.