peace of my mind

opengl is the biggest worleth pos video driver on the face of this planet!! EVERY game i use opengl DOSENT WORK, i up date driver STILL NOTHING WORKS!!!

geee i could be playing UT on quake 3 but nooooo opengl is such a pice of **** wheni get in or make a game the opengl make the game supper choppy!!

so **** U OPENGL

What qualifications do you have to be making statements like this? Are you always this obnoxious and abuse whenever YOU cannot setup something to work with your hardware. OGL is not a graphics driver, it an API. If you get updated drivers, then these are from your graphics card manufacturers, and it is up to them to support opengl. I think you’ll find if you drop into forums such, and flame off like you have, then you will get your a*s kicked by a lot of people. If you would like some help with opengl, then ask nicely. People on these forums are here on their on free time, and will not appreciate you coming in with all your attitude problems. A friend of mine, gillbates has recently had to lecture Franks & Beans on making comments they are unqualified to make and I suggest you go pay penitence to whatever god you worship, apologise to everyone, and then ask nicely for help.

openglsucks, while I understand your need to vent your frustration, may I suggest that trying to understand and solve the problem will do more good in the long run. Had you posted what video card you have, what OS you use, and a good description of the problems you’re getting, you might have received a helpful response. When you just vent, we can’t help you.