Patch for the Exporter MAX8 -> Collada v2.0.8


here are some fixes and new features for the MAX Exporter plugin.
Hope it could be integrated officially in further release.


now export Shell Material which are often used by game’s artists

(to switch from MAX renderer to game renderer)

TSTR.printf() exported numerical values with , instead of . even with the setlocale()

replaced by a simple sprintf()

it seems to have a bug in 3DXI, some meshes geometry was not properly exported as

if it ignored GetObjOffsetPos() and GetObjOffsetRot()
that given meshes that was not at their correct location in the scene
replaced by the native and “normal” MAX method

as a side effect, switched from some 3DXI to native MAX interfaces (IGameTextureMap to Texmap and IGameMaterial to Mtl)

support for MAX RGB multiply bitmap type

that allows multi-texturing in the same slots (for instance TEX1*TEX2 in the diffuse slot)
since current Collada specification doesn’t allow this, the <extra> tag is used

The patch is available here for download: