Passing sound through the audio jack


I’m trying to write an app that will let my phone act as a mic for my Xbox One using a standard male-to-male 3.5mm cable. I want to pass the Android microphone input through the 3.5mm jack to the controller, and receive audio from the controller for playback on the Android device. The end goal is to have something like speakerphone for Xbox chat.

Just for extra clarity/illustration/tldr, I’m trying to do something like:
Android mic --> gamepad
gamepad --> Android speakers

But after messing around with the Audio-Echo NDK sample and poking through some OpenSL docs, it’s not looking like I can write to an input device or read from an output device.

Should I give up before wasting too much time, or is it possible to create such an app?

Thanks in advance!

Looks like I lucked out!

Microsoft recently released an update to its Xbox app that lets you do speakerphone party chat, so I’m all good.

No need to write an app and I still get to avoid paying for a mic :slight_smile: