Palit Daytona TNT2 M64 Help

I am trying to run Lander from Psygnosis and it keeps saying Glide3X.DLL not found. Well I tried looking for a driver on the Palit site and I tried running GLSETUP with no avail. This game was made in 1998, maybe its too old. Maybe its a lost cause to try to run this old game.

Glide has nothing to do with OpenGL.

Glide was a proprietary 3D API (Application Programming Interface) from 3DFX and worked only with cards based on their Voodoo chipset.

The API died together with 3DFX.

However some people tried to emulate Glide using either OpenGL or cough DirectX cough.

You may want to check out or for those wrappers.

Or search for “Glide wrapper” at

If I recall correctly none of them was able to emulate Glide 100% but it is worth a shot.