Packaging Collada-dom for debian and ubuntu


I posted on Collada-dom [0] forum but got no response there, so I’ll try here instead. Sorry for those of who read both fora.

I’m trying to package collada-dom for debian and ubuntu. You can look at my early attempts on my PPA [1]. Although I would not recommend to use it now, as it is my first debian package ever.

I have a few questions

a. Are you ok with me packaging it? Is there somebody who would like to help?

b. Upstream author. Debian requires an upstream author name and email address (a mailing list would be ok). Which should I pick up?

c. Which release. I packaged collada-dom 2.2.1, which is not available as a download but is tagged in the svn. Is it ok? How is 2.2.1 different from 2.2?

d. SONAMEs. Debian requires the shared libraries to have sonames. I chose as a soname, assuming that 2.2 and 2.2.1 are ABI-compatible, and that 2.2.and 2.1 are not. Am I right?

e. OpenSceneGraph (OSG) ships with a FindCollada.cmake module, which could be instead packaged with collada-dom. What do you think about it?

Once the problems above are fixed, I would like to:

  • add libcollada15dom support,
  • package coherencytest,
  • see with the debian guys if libminizip should be packaged separately,
  • see with the OSG guys if collada support within OSG could be turned on by default on debian.

Thank you.

[0] … ic/3759353

I replied on the sourceforge forum.

I also updated the DOM project status to inactive.